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Clash of ethics in multi-jurisdictional dispute resolution

Thursday 13 May 2021 | 12:00 - 13:00 (BST)


Hannah Brown QC (chair), Barrister, One Essex Court; Nikos Asimakopoulos, Director, Alaco; Konstantin Dobrynin, Senior Partner, Pen & Paper; Pavani Reddy, Legal Director, Clyde & Co; Christian La-Roda Thomas, Partner, Maples; Jonathan Wood, Head of International Arbitration, RPC. 

What the session will cover

Lawyers involved in multi-jurisdictional disputes found themselves working with colleagues from different jurisdiction who observe a different ethical or professional code. This may result to some challenging ethical scenarios: what ethical code adherence would prevail? Are there internationally accepted ethical and professional standards? Are they adequate for international dispute resolution or is there need for more or better regulation? Is regulation and/or ethical codes an impediment for London based lawyers to get access to work abroad and vice versa? Is self-regulation appropriate or is there an appropriate international regulation in place?

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