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The use of technology and AI in the future of dispute resolution in London

Thursday 13 May 2021 | 14:00 - 15:00 (BST)


Dan Wyatt (chair), Partner, RPC; Sophia Adams Bhatti, Head of Strategy and Policy, Wavelength; Catherine McGuinness, Chair of Policy and Resources Committee, Corporation of London; Charles Morgan, Partner, McCarthy Tetrault; Steven Shinn, CEO, Disputed.io; Trish Shaw, Vice Chair, Artificial Intelligence Committee, ITech Law. 

What the session will cover

Has science fiction become science reality due to advances in technology? There are concerns that technology will be able to replace lawyers and perhaps even arbitrators or judges. How realistic is this? The growing use of AI and other technology across the legal industry in particular raises novel questions including who is responsible if something goes wrong, and who is the owner if the AI creates new intellectual property. Whether or not AI is as capable as those promoting it say it is, technology is certainly already enhancing the efficiency of how disputes are conducted.

This session will consider a wide range of issues about how technology is affecting the business of law as well as about how the law needs to develop and adapt in order to provide a legal framework capable of maintaining the rule of law in this brave new world. It is intended that the session will include demonstrations of latest technology and possibly even a real-time battle between a human lawyer and an AI! Is such a future already here? If it is, who will win?

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